Rules and regulations

Tapiola Tennis Club (TaTe) is a registered sport association,  which organises tennis activities for its members. As a member of  TaTe, you can participate to the club activities.


The adult membership fee is 50€ and charged annually.

You can join TaTe by first submitting a membership application form. Once your application has been processed, you will receive an e-mail invoice (€ 50) that covers the membership for the ongoing calendar year. After that the membership will continue automatically and the corresponding fee will be charged at the beginning of each calendar year.

Terminating one’s membership must be done in written form by sending a notice of the termination to TaTe’s info-email-box (info (a), or to a member of the Board responsible for memberships. The termination of membership will be in effect in the beginning of the following calendar year following the termination of membership, i.e. January 1st. 

Business membership in TaTe is an option for companies and it brings them certain priviledges. First, it entitles the company to appoint two (2) persons to the club. Secondly, the company will get visibility in TaTe’s website (a banner)  and in events organised by the club. The Business membership fee is 300€ per a calendar year. More information on this service can be found from the TaTe Board Chairman . 

Updated 25.2.2019